A Lesson In Resilience

Readers – I was hoping that you would indulge me a little for this post.  It is a bit personal but what I am about to describe taught me a very valuable lesson – one that I will use in my personal life as well as in my dealings with credit unions and industry professionals.  I hope it will resonate with you as it did with me. The story involves my 9 month old son, Logan.

When I brought him to the pediatrician on Tuesday for his regular check-up, the doctor noticed that his eyes were shifting a bit too much for her comfort level.  She consulted a pediatric neurologist who recommended that we take Logan to the hospital for a CT Scan – just to make sure nothing was seriously wrong.  My wife and I took him immediately and the CT Scan was performed.  Thankfully, everything was normal.  But then the doctor threw us for a loop.

He told my wife and I that the baby would have to be admitted to the hospital so that an MRI could be performed the following morning.  Not exactly the news we expected, especially after hearing that the CT Scan was normal.  Thinking of our little boy’s well-being (and nothing else) we agreed to admit the baby.  My wife stayed with him at the hospital overnight and I went home to be with our 3 year old daughter, Leah.  Let’s just say that my wife did not sleep at all (those pullout things they give you are less than comfortable!)  And even though I was at home, I didn’t sleep either.  After all, my son was in the hospital.

I went back to the hospital in the morning and the MRI was conducted.  It was so difficult – I had to hold my baby’s arms down while they administered the anesthesia.  And then the waiting started.  It was torturous and we were scared.  When they brought Logan out of the exam room and we saw that he was smiling and wide awake, we were relieved.  As the doctor wheeled our little guy down the hall, he was clapping his hands and seemed to be amazed by the lights above him and what was going on around him.  We got back to his room and there was more waiting.  Almost 7 hours passed and the neurologist finally came and told us that the MRI was normal and that we could take Logan home.  PHEW!

My point in telling this story is to share with you the lesson I learned from my son.  While he had no understanding of what was going on, he showed both my wife and I what it means to be resilient.  Of course, as his parents, we were frightened at the possibility that there might be something seriously wrong.  But Logan maintained his good spirits throughout his ordeal.  Throughout the long waiting, we both remarked at how his attitude and free-spiritedness lifted us. Logan showed us that things weren’t that bad.  He seemed to know what we didn’t.

Resilience is a tremendous thing.  It can lift you, strengthen you, and make you better.  And throughout it all, I was reminded of what really matters.  In life and in business, there are those times that we doubt our ability to bounce back from a setback.  We feel like throwing in the towel.  But we don’t have to go down that road.  We can choose resilience and be determined to come through our ordeals stronger and better.

Thank you Logan for reminding me of that.


About Your Full Potential, LLC

I am the President of Your Full Potential, LLC and the Founder of ABSURD! Leadership. I am a professional speaker and have addressed thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally on the topics of leadership, sales, service, business development, marketing, and strategy.
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