A Letter To Congress…

Dear Congress:

Wow!  You’re on a roll!  I’m not sure why we continue to pay you for failing the American people that you claim to represent.  But I digress….

I don’t want to discuss your inability to accomplish anything worthwhile, how your ideologies and “principles” continue to get in the way of the lives of struggling Americans, or how you simply refuse to actually listen to the feelings and opinions of the majority of your constituents.  HINT – most of us want you to work together to find common ground, stop attacking each other, and invest in the things that will lead to a prosperous future.  But most of you are beholden to either the far-left or far-right flanks of the political spectrum while 70% of us fall somewhere in the middle and are not opposed to things like compromise, collaboration, and discipline.  But for some unknown reason, we continue to elect and re-elect you to do nothing in Washington.  Maybe we’ll learn in 2012.  There is always hope.

Well, I guess I did want to discuss some of that…..But what I REALLY wanted to discuss is why you should stand up for credit unions.  Credit unions exist to help people.  It’s that simple.  Credit unions offer services and benefits that people need right now – low-interest loans and access to credit. They offer financial counseling and literacy services.  They want to help people stay in their homes and go to college.   Small businesses come to credit unions for services as well.  Credit unions are more than eager to lend to businesses since the big banks are not lending and are actually sitting on the billions of dollars of cash that taxpayers gave them to lend out in order to jumpstart the economy.  I wonder how much the bonuses will be this year.  But credit unions can only do so much for small businesses as long as the archaic Member Business Lending cap is in place.  But you’re being lobbied quite aggressively by people that think that lifting that cap will take business away from them.  Let me remind you – they’re not lending anyway.

These same folks are also encouraging you to end the tax exemption for credit unions because they feel it’s “unfair.”  I hope you will agree that what is unfair is that your constituents continue to subsidize failure, incompetence, and inaction on the part of those who want to tear down credit unions.

So during this Thanksgiving week, I urge you to be thankful that you can’t be fired quite yet.  But I also urge you to remember that if you don’t start standing up for the people and organizations that are trying to propel this great country forward, the day of reckoning, i.e., Election Day isn’t far away.  And people will not forget this time.

Happy Thanksgiving!



About Your Full Potential, LLC

I am the President of Your Full Potential, LLC and the Founder of ABSURD! Leadership. I am a professional speaker and have addressed thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally on the topics of leadership, sales, service, business development, marketing, and strategy.
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