Make A Decision Already!

Let me set the scene:

Your credit union’s marketing or business development team comes up with a great idea for a growth campaign.  The idea is brought to the attention of whoever has to approve it.  A discussion ensues.  And then nothing happens…..

This drives marketing and business development professionals crazy. That is, not hearing anything – not hearing that a decision has been made or has not been made.  And when they check on the status of their proposal, they still hear nothing.  In some cases, their questions are simply ignored because no one wants to tell them that either the proposal was shot down or that it isn’t looking good.  So they take the easy way out…and say nothing.

Now, there is nothing wrong with discussion and even respectful debate when it comes to business proposals.  But in every deliberation, there should come a time when the discussion is ended and a decision is made.  It would be nice if that happened, right?

Unfortunately what happens is that no decision is made and the so-called “can is kicked down the road.”  I’ve shared with the readers of this blog my disdain for pointless meetings. I was at a management meeting once when I decided that I had heard enough discussion about a specific item.  I remember saying that we (the management team) had been discussing this item for months and challenged my peers to just make a decision so we could move on to other things.   I wish I could say that my request was well-received.  But my peers just really liked to talk….a lot.

My point here is that every great leader is a decider.  Great leaders rely on management’s input and advice on business matters – then they decide what the course of action will be.  Some decisions are monumentally difficult and require extra deliberation.  That’s understandable. And every leader wants to be right in their decision-making….every time.  Unfortunately, being right all the time is just not possible.  You will make bad decisions once in a while.  If you’re doing the right thing, you should have a litany of decisions that you make or have made – most will be good and some will be bad.   The important thing here is to decide and then deal with the outcome of your decisions.

So become a decider….and then tell people what your decisions are.

Have a great weekend, friends!



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I am the President of Your Full Potential, LLC and the Founder of ABSURD! Leadership. I am a professional speaker and have addressed thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally on the topics of leadership, sales, service, business development, marketing, and strategy.
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2 Responses to Make A Decision Already!

  1. Mark Arnold says:


    Great thoughts–especially about meetings. I completely share your sentiments. I heard this idea from one CEO: he conducts his meetings standing up. That makes for a much more focused and less time draining meeting. Maybe we try standing instead of sitting/talking.



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