Co-Working: A Different Meaning

Excuse me, but how can there be a “different” definition of co-working? It means working with other people, doesn’t it? Yes, it does indeed; however, when people use the word “co-working,” they are usually referring to the people that work at the same company as they do.

I was recently traveling to see a client by way of Amtrak was thumbing through the on-board magazine, Arrive. I came across an interesting article entitled, “Officemates Wanted.” I was intrigued so I continued reading. The article provided information on a new trend in the corporate space.   Co-working is shifting from those you work with to those you want to work with. Allow me to explain:

People that work at the same companies are often put on the same project teams or are encouraged to brainstorm and collaborate with each other. Many times, this is a “forced” scenario. As you know, this can sometimes cause friction and negatively affect productivity.

But what a lot of companies are doing (some Fortune 500s are on the list) is giving their most innovate employees the opportunity to meet with likeminded people or groups from outside. That is, they are forming what has been referred to as a “mastermind” group. These groups meet once a week or a couple of times per month to share ideas, get the creative juices flowing, and just “be” around other people who are just as passionate, excited, and enthusiastic. Please note that this is NOT a description of networking groups. Those serve a different function. In the “co-working groups,” there are no strings, no expectations or pressure to try to get new clients. It’s just likeminded professionals sharing ideas.

There are a couple of Apps that help to bring these professionals together. Two that were mentioned in the article are WeWork and NextSpace.

The marketplace has changed drastically and will continue to do so. As a result, the business model has to adapt. Perhaps you can find a way to introduce this concept to your company’s executives or bring it to your local Chamber of Commerce. But just remember the rules: no soliciting, just share ideas.

Here is a link to the article in case you want to take a look:

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