Strategic Planning: 3 Tips for Success

3 Considerations for Strategic Planning

 The best organizations plan. They do so meticulously. It is an ongoing process for many. However, despite its ongoing nature, there is also a need for a focused meeting or session of some kind. The best organizations and companies know this. They understand that if they’re not planning….they’re not growing. They understand that that they have to work the plan. They measure progress and hold people accountable for getting the work done.

When considering your strategic planning session for this year, focus on the following 3 considerations:

Plan on identifying 3 or 4 strategic initiatives.   You don’t need 10 or 15 goals for your planning session to be a success. If you are really going to strategize, you should be able to identify 3 or maybe 4 “big-ticket” items for which you will prepare realistic action plans. Stay out of the minutiae. Keep your discussions at a higher level.

Don’t keep secrets. After your planning session is done, the very worst thing that you can do is to keep the discussions a secret. You’re not committing espionage.   You employees should be told about those 3 or 4 strategic initiatives.   If they don’t know what’s important, they won’t be able to help achieve the goals that have been set. Give them the resources and tools that they will need to succeed. The first and most important of these is knowledge.

Get out of the office. If you can, try to conduct your planning session outside of your office. If you just use a conference room in your building, there is a good chance that you will be distracted. Instead of focusing on the planning, you’ll be thinking about what’s going on in the office. You’ll be tempted to “run upstairs” to check your e-mail or voicemail. If your team members know that you’re in the building, you may be interrupted by a false “emergency.”

If you’re off-site, these distractions won’t be as prevalent.

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About Your Full Potential, LLC

I am the President of Your Full Potential, LLC and the Founder of ABSURD! Leadership. I am a professional speaker and have addressed thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally on the topics of leadership, sales, service, business development, marketing, and strategy.
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