4 Surefire Ways to SUCK at Goal-Setting

Blocked goal

It’s that time of year – goal-setting time. You’re probably sick of hearing about how to do this properly. I don’t blame you. I’m tired of it too. So for this post, we’re going to talk about how to SUCK at setting goals.

Not writing them down – goals become real to us only after they are written in active voice. Don’t write, “I will lose weight.” That’s not good enough for your brain to act upon. Write “I lose 10 pounds by March 31.” That’s specific, aggressive, and time-oriented. Goals are not met because they aren’t written somewhere. You have to write them down using proper syntax and voice. Get it?

Not reviewing them every day – You have to program your brain and body to work toward the goals you set. It takes time and conditioning to be able to run a marathon, right? There are countless hours of training and discipline involved. Train and discipline yourself to review your written goals, at least once per day. Say them aloud to yourself while looking in a mirror. Smile when you’re doing it. It sounds corny….but guess what – it works!!

Expecting too much – it’s OK to dream big. But in order to avoid disappointment, it’s also important to be realistic about what you expect. Do some research, talk to other people who have achieved the same things you want to achieve, and get a pragmatic understanding of what it’s going to take to reach the goals you set. Be cautious around people who claim that something is too easy. Nothing worthwhile is necessarily easy.

 Not holding yourself accountable – The worst. If you’re not going to review your progress and hold yourself accountable, why bother setting goals at all? Waste your time on something less meaningful. If you’re nervous that you won’t be able to hold yourself accountable in an effective manner, get something called an “accountability partner.” This is a person that you like and trust. You’re going to share your goals with this person and he or she is going to check in with you periodically to hold you responsible for your progress or lack thereof. Yes, in allowing this, you’re more vulnerable than if you did everything yourself. But a little vulnerability and humility can and will go a long way on your path to success.

So this year, don’t suck at goal-setting. Or at least give yourself a fighting chance!

What are your thoughts? Are there other tactics that you use or have used to help you reach your goals? Comment below and let’s get a discussion going!


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